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February 25, 2011
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TAG 1:144 Kapool Review, Pt. 5 by Siroh32 TAG 1:144 Kapool Review, Pt. 5 by Siroh32
This is the fifth (and final) part of a five-part review of the 1/144-scaled model of the AMX-109 Kapool from the anime "Turn A Gundam".

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]

This probably isn't a necessary part, and it might've been better as the first part rather than final (as a "cover" of sorts), but I wanted to gather my thoughts about this model in a more "general" or concluding entry rather than one highlighting a specific aspect.

I got this and the other 1/144 models from the TAG lineup of Gunpla after falling in love with the Turn A Gundam anime, which is enough for me to get this. But whether you like TAG or not, whether you like ZZ Gundam or not, I think this is a cute amphibious Mobile Suit design comparable in cuteness to the Acguy (since the Kapool sort-of looks like a Haro), and is the best feature of this model.

Of course, the articulation may be limited to basic (and therefore can't transform to it's mobile armor mode), the fact that it's non-grade requiring you to accurize the color scheme and details with touch-ups (which is part of the fun in model-building, I guess), and the accessories/features being a bit more lacking than the 1/144 TAG or FLAT (yes, the FLAT just has a beam rifle, but it can be used more effectively than the Kapool's hand vulcan cannon)... But even if you don't like either anime this MS design came from, I think it's a cute/neat little amphibious MS design, and it should be enough to get it. For those who dislike the MS designs in TAG enough to overlook the anime, I think they may be still drawn to this more traditional design. Unfortunately, because it's from TAG and it's an NG (sporting basics and lacking details), it might be overlooked more than a more-expensive HGUC model with similar (articulation-limitations) might.

As far as more technical nitpicks go, the size may be a bit big compared to it's anime counterpart, and that's about the only technical nitpick I know that I'm certain of. It's still not enough to dissuade me from getting another of this model or the Robot Damashii Kapool figure, and I won't bother looking for more nitpicks.
zssa Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
Is there anywhere you can still purchase one? I'd love to have one
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Lookin great!
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nice finish ^^
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